Manufacturing Solutions

KOMT doesn’t just act as a vendor to our customers; instead, we partner with them to fully understand their operations and requirements and match them up with the right manufacturing solutions. The advantage of this approach is that our team constantly leverages its knowledge to identify the best solution to the manufacturing challenges our customers face. The manufacturers that KOMT represents produce some of the best and most advanced equipment in the world, offering a broad range of options for all kinds of specialized challenges. This selection allows KOMT to identify unique machines from all over the world, which lets our customers maximize their productivity and efficiency while minimizing downtime. And while we are experts in matching our customers’ needs with our selection of products, we also know that the right solution isn’t always a new piece of equipment – especially when market changes force a quick response that isn’t anticipated in an annual budget.

The KOMT team regularly performs services that help our customers maximize the value of their existing equipment. We are experts at facilitating machine relocations – whether across the room, across town, or across the country. Our turnkey approach to this process ensures a smooth and pain-free process for our customers, one in which the KOMT team handles every aspect of the move. We even have the expertise to refurbish machines that had been previously decommissioned, returning them to like-new condition and getting them back into production.

While it’s in our name, KOMT’s commitment to customer productivity extends beyond just machine tools. Over the years, we’ve been engaged by our customers to help them in all aspects of their manufacturing operations, and our creative solution-based approach allows us to find ways to help enhance productivity, increase safety, and maximize output. It is this solution-based approach that brings our customers back time and time again – and maintains KOMT’s status as a trusted manufacturing partner.