April 9, 2018

Natoma Corporation – Eurotech Polygim User

The geographic center of the United States, Kansas, is the home of Amelia Earhart, Pizza Hut, the helicopter, the rotary-dial telephone and Eurotech Customer Natoma Corporation. Founded in 1982, Natoma is a precision CNC contract manufacturer with over 70,000 square feet. Natoma has customers in many industries, including aerospace, medical, electronics, communication, energy and environmental. In 2014 Natoma began to search for new machinery to help meet and exceed their customers’ requirements.

The “want list” search for new equipment had several key items. They needed to alleviate the heavy workload from the swiss style machines as well as the mill turn style machines. In addition they wanted to increase their capacity for single set-up part completion. Initially Natoma considered buying two machines: one swiss style and one mill turn style. Their search led them to the unique CNC hybrid screw machines offered by Eurotech that solved both requirements in one machine.

“Our search led us to Eurotech and their Polygim Zeit 42SLY model with 42mm bar capacity. This machine fit our needs perfectly as it could bridge a gap between the swiss style and mill turn style machines and alleviate the workload for both. With the addition of the proprietary B-axis feature, we greatly increased our capacity; for instance, we now have the ability to include parts with angled holes or milled features,” said Brandon Peterson, Shop Manager

The Polygim machines can be set up to receive most major brand collets and guide bushings. The Zeit model comes in 25mm, 32mm or 42 mm turning diameter and with the proprietary, fully programmable B-axis on the main and sub spindle. With gang static and driven tooling, Y-axis, C-axes on main and sub-spindle. Available with up to 8 tools on the B-axis.

“We are dedicated to delivering defect-free products on time at the most competitive prices possible, so for the price point, looking at buying two different machines versus one Eurotech Polygim, the decision was easy. The Eurotech Polygim could accomplish everything we were looking for in two machines; furthermore, this machine now gives us the capacity to run some swiss style parts without the need for ground bar stock with the interchangeability of the spindle/guide bushing or fixed collet,” said Gail Boller, Owner.

Their equipment goal being achieved, Natoma is working on utilizing the Eurotech Polygim to its full capacity. “We are still learning about the capacity of this machine and are looking forward to the free training program Eurotech gives to their customers. We signed up two of our key lathe personnel to the April Mitsubishi Programming Class,” said Brandon Peterson, Shop Manager

Natoma’s vast facility of 70,000 square feet is run by a team with a personal commitment to understand, meet, and, whenever possible, exceed their customer’s requirements through the continuous improvement of their skills, capabilities, quality processes, and management system. Natoma maintains ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certifications and strictly adhere to their standards.

Source: Natoma Corporation